Yak & Silk Top


Yak & Silk Top, 50% natural gray and 50% bombyx silk. 1 ounce.

Yak fiber is soft and smooth with wonderful hand. It exists in several colors, including shades of gray, brown, black and white. The mean length of yak fiber is about 1.2 inches. It is combed or shed from the yak and then dehaired. The result is a splendid downy fiber similar to that of the camel.

Combined with natural white bombyx silk creates an unbeatable shine and simply stunning fiber to spin.

Extremely soft yak wool (approximately 18.5 microns) with virtually no guard hair. The Gray yak wool is sufficiently light in color for dyeing. Many hand spinners are afraid of yak wool’s short staple length in that it is only approximately one inch long. But because yak wool has great crimp and is not slippery, it is actually quite easy to spin. It makes a terrific lofty, woolen spun yarn.

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