"Cashmere of the North" 1 oz loose fiber, natural color, professionally cleaned and de-haired, then de-haired again by hand, twice. This musk ox wool comes from wild musk oxen in Greenland.

Qiviut, pronounced kiv-ee-ute, is the finest natural fibres obtainable. Qiviut is the downy-soft underside wool from the arctic musk ox - oomingmak - umimmak in Greenlandic. The raw fiber of musk ox is unlike any other animal fibre, and word is slowly getting around to fashion designers.

Spinners claim that musk ox wool is eight times warmer than wool and extraordinarily lightweight. It doesn't scratch or shrink in hot water. It can be hand and machine washed in any mild detergent and will last for many years.

It is the most rare and unique wool available today, and of limited amount. It is warm and soft as no other fibre.

Musk ox wool is in high demand by people all over the world because of its lightness and extreme insulation power as well as its cloud like softness. Being so light, qiviut has a very elegant drape. If someone were to put a touch of qiviut fiber in your hand with your eyes closed, you would not feel the fibre touch your hand. Musk ox wool is proven to he the softest natural fibre in the world.

Musk ox yarn does not crimp or felt. It is easy to care for, can be washed with mild shampoo or wool detergent. It responds well to dyeing.

* Extremely rare * Unsurpassed warmth and softness * Light as air * Musk ox yarn is hypoallergenic * Will not shrink or shed * Odorless when wet * Retains heat when wet * Easily maintained*

Use the Musk ox yarn for shawls, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves.

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