Falkland Island Wool Top, ecru


1 ounce Falkland Island Wool Top, ecru. Beautiful British combed top is an excellent fiber to work with for the novice or expert spinner.

Shetland wool is a medium fine fleece and a generous staple length (4 to 6 inches) with an average fibre diameter of 24 micron.

Sheep farming remains the major form of land use. The soils of the Islands are acidic and infertile. These inherent difficulties, when coupled with a windy and cool oceanic climate, have added to the geographic isolation of the Falklands,

Farmland extends to approximately 1,140,500 hectares and carries approximately 500,000 sheep and 5,000 cattle. There are now 84 farms. Most of these are run as family units with an average size of 10,000 hectares running 6,400 sheep. Farms in the Falkland Islands are extensively managed and lend themselves to the production of sheep meat, wool and beef grazed almost exclusively on natural pastures with very little use of synthetic chemicals or treatments. A number of farms in the Islands are designated as organic suppliers for their produce.

Sheep breeds are predominantly Polwarth and Corriedale and includes introducing sheep breeds such as Dohne Merino and SAMMS (South African Mutton Merino) on farms.

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