Pets of Note

July 23, 2012 Ending pet fiber spinning and hand knitting aspect of work


Scout, corgi

Scout was not only a loved family member, but a part of Therapy Dogs International (TDI).

He was part of a practice in pychotherapy helping children as well as visiting nursing homes, libraries, and various troubled teen homes.

After 14 years with his family, he was lost to cancer. His positive impact on those touched and helped will be remembered


Denali, siberian husky

Denali, a beautiful male Husky, volunteers for Human and Animal Bonding in Colorado (HABIC). When he arrives at Platte Valley Youth Services Center in Greeley, CO, he has his red HABIC bandana on and is always wagging his tail.

While waiting in the lobby, it isn't unusual for Denali to start barking because he is so excited and can hardly wait to visit his client.

HABIC dogs are used as a part of treatment for some youth. The youth talk to the dogs and often tell them of their pain, trials, and hopes for life. Along with this process, the youth teach the dogs tricks. After a few weeks the youth and dog have a "small show" to see what each learned.

It's a very moving experience and well worth everyone's time and efforts.

Denali, siberian husky yarn

An article from the Greeley Tribune and Denali's yarn.


Bill, angora goat, annapolis mascot

Bill, the mascot for the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Bill is an angora goat. I believe this is Bill 32. A client who had 2 sons graduate from Annapolis during Bill's reign got the hair following Bill's death. She wanted to have Bill made into enough yarn to make scarves for each of her sons. Both sons are on active duty aboard ship overseas.

bill the goat yarn

The current mascot is Bill 33 with Bill 34 as backup.

Pets of Note

four wheat heads, different colors, blue, purple, yellow, brown

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