Pet Hair & Fiber

A Unique Way to Remember Your Family Pet

As you brush your pets or have them groomed, you may have wondered if it is possible to do anything with all that hair (fur). Many of our furry companions have a coat/undercoat that is suitable for spinning into yarn. Yarn, unique from all others, can be spun from the fur (hair) of your dog, cat, horse, rabbit etc...

Hand spinning animal fibers (fur and hair) travels far back into history and is not confined to sheep. Spinning dog hair (fur) was part of the culture of the First Nations or Native American peoples in the areas now western British Columbia and western Washington. An extinct breed, known as the wool dog or woolly dog, provided their spinning fibers.

Your family pet will be with you for many years. In the time you and your companion have together, it is possible to create a lasting memory of your pet with just a little planning.

Green has become the icon of recycle. I find recycling your pet hair into yarn a wonderful form of renewal. My small contribution to the ideas of reuse and renew is the limited electricity that goes into the production of your yarn. All my equipment is hand cranked or "human powered". So when you see the words hand spun yarn, it literally is done by hand.

Not sure if your pet's hair can be spun or if you will like the result? I encourage you to send a sample of your pet's hair. I will spin it up and return it to you, at no charge and make recommendations.

You have a choice of 2-ply yarn that is pure or blended depending on your pets' fiber.

four wheat heads, different colors, blue, purple, yellow, brown

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