Yarn Care

Looking good and feeling great

A few simple measures after every wear will keep your wool garment in great shape.

Instructions on handwashing Hand wash

Use water no more than 40ºC / F 105º and a mild detergent. Turn it inside out to protect the outer surface and make sure if you're using powder that it's fully dissolved first. Soak for about five minutes to help loosen the dirt before gently squeezing. Never rub it. Rinse in warm water then cold water and use a fabric softener if you wish. Remove excess water by placing between clean towels or use a washing machine short spin cycle. Never wring. Reshape the garment and dry flat.

Remove surface soiling by brushing Brush it

To remove surface soil that might become stains later on. Dust and dirt can dull the appearance of fine wool fabrics.

How to remove stains Treat stains immediately

Rinse small stains with cold water, seltzer and blot dry with a clean cloth, never with paper towels.

Proper drying technique Dry away from direct heat

If your wool gets wet, dry it immediately away from direct heat – never in front of a fire, on a radiator or in strong sunlight. Don't tumble dry it unless the label says you can.

Airing it out Air it

Lay knits flat on a bed for an hour or so to get rid of any odors, such as cigarette smoke.

Proper storage Store it

Wash by hand. This removes the body oils they're attracted to. All types of wool can be folded and stored with fresh cedar blocks or mothballs. Wovens can also be hung in garment bags for storage. Never cram the garments into a confined space.

Hanging woven items Hang wovens

Hang woven garments on good hangers in a cool, fresh place with enough breathing space to allow creases to drop out.

Rest the fabric 24 hours between wearings Rest it

Wait 24 hours before the next wearing. Try to avoid wearing the same outfit for two consecutive days. This gives the natural resilience and spring in the wool fiber time to recover.

Keep on eye out for stains Check your wardrobe regularly

Look for dirt marks or stains.

Folding for storage Fold knits

Never hang knits. Fold them and store with breathing space.
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