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Caricture of your spinster Thank you for taking the time to find out more out me and my work. I live in a beautiful area of north Texas with my family and, of course, my satin angora rabbits.

I have been spinning for 18 years now. I can blame the internet for starting me down this path. I had a stash of commercial yarns that would make any knitter proud. I also had far more UFO's (unfinished objects) than FO's (finished objects). And I wanted more, but it was getting very expensive.

Then I ran across spinning while wandering the world wide net and I took off and ran with it. I got rid of my UFO's, and sold off all my commercial yarns. I really thought it could be cheaper to spin my own! Let me assure you it is not.

I made my own cd spindle to see if I really liked doing it before investing in a wheel. I still use my cd spindles quite a bit. I find working with a spindle and the wheel equally satisfying, just different.

Today, I knit with only my own handspun yarns and I find UFO's are no longer a problem.

For many years spinning pet hair for others was a large part of Spinning Straw into Gold, LLC. During this time pain and discomfort developed in my hands and was advised to stop. It was a painful decision, but the right one. So I am no longer taking in any pet hair for spinning, no matter how small.

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